Weekend Libertaire, Saint-Imier July 29-31 2022

weekend-libertaire-2022 Affiche-decentrale-St-Imier

Weekend Libertaire, Saint-Imier July 29-31 2022

From 29 to 31 July 2022 we are organizing a local gathering in Saint-Imier in the spirit of the call for decentralized anti-authoritarian events in the lead up to the larger international Anarchy 2023 gathering in Saint-Imier next year.

We offer plenty of open space for your workshop ideas, with a large building dedicated to your workshop proposals.

Go ahead and contribute your topic proposals on the following platform:


There you can also see what is already planned and what others have already proposed. Come and help organize this event or organize a similar gathering or workshops in your area.

More info on this gathering will be published here on the https://anarchy2022.org/st-imier page.

More info on the Anarchy 2023 event and the call for decentralized anti-authoritarian gatherings you find on https://anarchy2023.org

Principle social media account for the event: https://todon.eu/web/@anarchy2023/108172316594861094

LibrAdio during the Weekend Libertaire in St-Imier

Comp@s, welcome to the Decentralised Anti-authoritarian Gathering. In the context that animates us, it seems important to talk and listen to each other. For this, we have created a radio station; LibrAdio. The latter is led by passionate people, is non-professional and does not generate profit.

This activist media allows us to speak without being seen, and to listen without looking. We will be present every day at Espace Noir, at your disposal for any request or any project that you would like to share with us and the world. An "open mic" time slot is scheduled between 3pm and 6pm. Of course, a member of the team will be present to accompany you on the air. This radio is also yours, take advantage of it.

> Find out more about how to participate and listen

Concerts & chorales

Friday, July 29th

Outside stage (17:00-21:00)

Espace Noir (22:00-3:30)

Saturday, July 30th

outside stage (17:00-21:00)

Espace Noir (22:00-3:30)

Sunday, July 31th

info: The musical program can still change